LIRR 2081

AQUEBOGUE at Montauk in July 1974
Photo/scan by Tim Darnell

ASHAROKEN (left) and AQUEBOGUE (right) at Montauk in July 1974.
Photo/scan by Tim Darnell

AQUEBOGUE: location is probably Oyster Bay, date unknown.
Photo/scan by Richard Glueck

AQUEBOGUE at Hunterspoint Avenue in 1978.
Photo/scan by Jack Deasy

AQUEBOGUE departs Hunterspoint Avenue station in 1978.
Photo by Jack Deasy / Scan by Tim Darnell

The evening of November 20, 1982 finds 2081 at Poughkeepsie after her arrival from
Grand Central Terminal as a commuter bar car in the consist of Metro North train 897.
AQUEBOGUE was the first of the two tavern lounge observation cars to be repainted in a
nondescript scheme of MTA Platinum Mist with a light blue pier panel. The LIRR
road number was retained, but the name AQUEBOGUE was removed.
Note the MTA "M" has no additional identification under it.
Photo/scan by Ed Frye

2081 laying over in the Poughkeepsie yard on Christmas Eve 1983.
Photo/scan by Ed Frye

The car has been rebuilt as a track inspection - business car and designated as Metro Norrh 1.
December 1996 at Grand Central Terminal.
Photo by Jason R. DeCesare

Metro North Railroad 1 is the first car in the consist of a spring 2003 special train.
The special train is crossing NY route 352 at Fishkill NY,
eastbound on the former New Haven Maybrook Line.
Photo by Michael C. Smith. Published in August 2003 issue of Railpace.

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