LIRR 8551-8553
Bangor and Aroostook

Pullman Standard builder's photo of Bangor & Aroostook buffet lounge car 152.
In 1962, LIRR acquired this car, converted it to a 49 seat snack bar coach and renumbered it as LIRR 8553.

Bangor & Aroostook buffet lounge car 150 and a second BAR buffet lounge car
sometime after they arrived on LIRR property in 1962.
Photographer unknown

The interior of a LIRR bar car, which appears to be either one of the former Bangor & Aroostook cars or one of the B&M coaches converted to a bar car. The style of clothing suggest this photo was taken in the 1960s or 1970s. Dave Keller, who worked as a LIRR Special Services Attendant in parlor cars and bar cars during this era, indicates the passengers were very generous with their tips.
Photographer Unknown

Updated on 9/14/2016