Private Club Cars


Private club car # 828 “SOUTH SHORE" (the 3rd LIRR car to be named SOUTH SHORE)
is on the rear of a westbound train passing through Patchogue, NY on 9/25/1938.
With aluminum-painted roof, Tuscan red body and end vestibule windows, this 1913-era car
is representative of the several private club cars the LIRR ran during the late 1930s.
George E. Votava photo, Dave Keller archive

Freshly-painted private club car “SMITHTOWN” sports shiny body, heat-resistant aluminum
painted roof and the new Futura lettering along her side as she sits at Morris Park Yard
in Queens, NY in May, 1940. Take note of the extremely tall clerestory roof
with plenty of ventilation doors to open on those hot, sticky, Long Island summer days.
Unidentified photographer, Dave Keller archive


Updated 1/12/2009