LIRR 2042

SAGTIKOS at Lynnbrook.
Photo/scan by Steve Hoskins

It's about 5:30 PM on Sunday August 11, 1967 at Greenport.
Train #4213, with parlor car MASTIC on the rear, loads early-arrivals from the
Shelter Island Ferry for the 6:01 PM departure from Greenport's pocket track (on the right).
Parlor car attendant Russ Golding, assigned to SAGTIKOS on train #4217, the 8:30 PM
departure from this colonial seaport, observes the process from the rear vestibule of the
rear coach on the "main".
Photo/scan by R. F. Makse

SAGTIKOS holds down its largely deadhead assignment on eastbound train #4204
at Southhold on Sunday, August 11, 1968. While the car was technically "open",
only a handful of riders each season availed themselves of the first class ride.
Its evening trip back to Jamaica on train #4217, the 8:30 PM departure from Greenport,
usually generated 20 or so first class riders.
Photo/scan by R. F. Makse


Updated on 8/28/2008