LIRR 2003


Club car SOUTH SHORE is catching the early morning light of a summer day in the yard at
Speonk, NY on Independence Day (4th of July) 1963.
William Lichtenstern photo, Dave Keller archive

Private club car 2003 SOUTH SHORE laying over at Speonk on Friday, June 16, 1972.
Photo by Marty Bernard

Club car SOUTH SHORE in MTA.LIRR colors at Speonk.
Photo by Tim Darnell

Private club car 2003 is the first car behind Alco C420 locomotive 225 as an eastbound train from Long Island City to Oyster Bay approaches the 88th Street grade crossing on the Lower Montauk Branch in Glendale (Queens) one afternoon in May 1973.
Photo by Ellis Simon


The year 2007 finds SOUTH SHORE, now bearing it's original Pullman name WALTERSBURG,
at the Railway Museum of Cincinnati. Over forty years have passed since the first photo above
and this photo were taken.
Photo by Tim Hyde


Updated 4/22/2009