LIRR 2068


Parlor #2068 “Merrick” is steaming at the end of the westbound “Cannonball” on this
chilly January morning in 1972 as the train makes a station stop at Patchogue, NY
Dave Keller photo

Its Sunday, September 16, 1973 and MERRICK is the first car in an eastbound train,
passing through Union Hall Street, headed for Montauk.

Photo by Vincent J. Benkovitz; Collection of Brian Woodruff


MERRICK in winter storage at Montauk Yard on November 1, 1975.
The view looks westward.
Photo/scan by Ed Frye

MERRICK in winter storage at Montauk Yard on November 1, 1975.
SHINNECOCK is the adjoining car to the right.
Photo/scan by Ed Frye

Photographer's reflections:

Most of my winter visits to Montauk began in the early morning hours, shortly after sunrise.  Unlike the parlor cars’ “in-service” summer months, when the sun was spirited, high above in the sky, winter’s quiet at Montauk was populated by low, penetrating light that swept across the yard’s dry foliage, and upon the parlors’ tall sides, weathered from prolonged inactivity.  Indicative of the season at hand, Montauk’s winter sky was replete with varied and ever-changing clouds that sailed overhead on the wind from nearby Fort Pond Bay.  If ever a still photograph could be animated, this one qualifies…I look at this picture many times, “feeling” the wind as it rattles through the dried brush, with the clouds aloft rolling by.  One of my all-time favorites…


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