LIRR 2061


Here is the nameplate from the vestibule door of LAKE COUNTY, the car
that was renamed NOYACK after LIRR purchased the car from PRR in October 1968.
This item of railroadiana was offered for sale on eBay in 2009.

Collection of Ed Frye

It is Saturday, November 28, 1964 and PRR's freshly painted and washed LAKE COUNTY
is in the consist of a PRR special train to the Army-Navy game. In just under four years,
LIRR will acquire the car from PRR.

Photo by Bob Coolidge


The former PRR LAKE COUNTY, prior to being redesignated
LIRR 2061 NOYACK, departing Jamaica.
Photo/scan by Steve Hoskins

LAKE COUNTY beginning her transition to NOYACK.
PENNSYLVANIA and PULLMAN lettering have been painted over,
but the car name LAKE COUNTY remains intact. Location appears to be Richmond Hill.
Photographer unknown. Collection of Ed Frye.

NOYACK at Hunterspoint Avenue.
Photo/scan by Steve Hoskins


Updated on 3/28/2011