LIRR 2014


Parlor car 2014 laying over at Montauk Yard in June 1983.
The car has that clean, fresh, recently painted look.
Photo/scan by Kevin Gulau

Parlor car 2014, in the consist of the Cannonball, at Jamaica on Friday, June 18, 1999.
Photo by Michael Ringbauer
Scan by Jack Deasy

Parlor car 2014 in the consist of a Long Island Sunrise Trail Chapter NRHS excursion at Montauk on 10/30/1999.
Photo by William J. Skeats

Idaho, Northern & Pacific (INPR) 2014 BANKS, the former LIRR 2014, at Horseshoe Bend, Idaho on 5/30/2006.
Photo by Floyd Gordon

Updated on 8/21/2016