LIRR 2072


The former Union Pacific 6207, prior to repainting, renumbering as 2072 and renaming as TACKAPAUSHA.
The car to the right is the former UP 6208, which will eventually be repainted, renumbered 2073 and renamed TUCKAHOE.
The car to the left is a former New Haven 14 roomette 4 double bedroom "POINT" series sleeper.

This is the interior of one of the two former Union Pacific club lounge cars.
The caption for this photo on the MTA/LIRR Facebook page indicates it was the interior of a parlor car from Greenport to New York City in 1970. While these may be actual revenue passengeers, I suspect the people in the photo are LIRR employees posing as parlor car passengers.
Newsday photo by Ike Eichorn
Republished on official MTA/LIRR Facebook page

The former Union Pacific 6207, not yet repainted, renumbered or renamed,
is one car from the head end of the newly re-equipped Cannonball.
Former NH 14 roomette 4 double bedroom sleeper RACE POINT is behind, while another former NH 14-4 sleeper is ahead.
Photo circa 1969.
Photo/scan by Richard Glueck.

The former Union Pacific 6207 was placed in revenue service prior to being repainted, renumbered and renamed.
The car to the left is a former NH 14 roomette 4 double bedroom "POINT" series sleeper,
while the car to the right appears to be a former NH 6 section 4 double bedroom 6 roomette "BEACH" series sleeper.
Photo circa 1969.

It is 1969 and TACKAPAUSHA is still identified by her Union Pacific number 6207. The car to her left is a former PRR "IMPERIAL" series 4-4-2 sleeper; the car on her right is former NH 6-4-6 sleeper MATUNUCK BEACH, which would later become LIRR 2078 SETAUKET. The train is passing Upjohn's field near Mineola.
Photo/scan by Richard Glueck

It is a Friday afternoon in 1971 and train 212, The Shelter Island Express, is rolling thru Mineola, enroute from Jamaica to Riverhead and the stations on the mailine to Greenport. Locomotive 1554 is trailed by one of the former UP lounge cars (repainted into MTA LIRR colors), a former NH sleeper, an older combine (with a bar setup in the baggage area) and two older "Pong" coaches.
Photo/scan by Richard Glueck

It is Sunday, September 3, 1972 and the car is seen at Oyster Bay.
It has been repainted in MTA LIRR colors and the name TACKAPAUSHA has been added.
The car to the left is a former PRR sleeper.
One must wonder why these two cars are at Oyster Bay on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend 1972?
Collection of Ed Frye

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