LIRR 2057


Parlor #2057 “WICKAPOGUE” and train are laying up at Montauk, NY on September 7, 1970. Labor Day has passed, the summer is officially over and the crowds have dwindled.
The car name has not yet been stenciled on the side of the car, which bears only the
large road number.
William Lichtenstern photo, Dave Keller archive

WICKAPOGUE in winter storage at Montauk Yard on October 5, 1975.
SALONGA is the car on the right.
Photo/scan by Ed Frye.

Reflections from the photographer:

What I originally described in my notes as “pastel”, this autumn afternoon was drawing to a close as I stood beside Wickapogue to take this photograph (Salonga is in the immediate foreground).  Throughout the day, and across the entire sky, there was this thin veil of cloud cover that – in my impression – softened the texture of the otherwise rugged and timeworn facades of the parlor cars.


Updated 4/06/2008