LIRR 2055

It is Saturday, November 28, 1964 and PRR IMPERIAL VIEW is in the consist of a PRR special train
to the Army-Navy game at Philadelphia. In just under four years, LIRR will acquire this car from PRR.

Photo by Bob Coolidge.


2055, at Jamaica, freshly repainted. Although the car has been lettered LONG ISLAND and numbered 2055, the name WANTAGH has not yet been applied to the car, nor has the PARLOR lettering. Those with a sharp eye for detail will notice the vestibule of the car to the right. Can you identify this car, based on all of the details you can see, combined with your knowledge of LIRR passenger cars? The answer is here.
Photo/scan by Steve Hoskins

WANTAGH at Montauk in 1974.
Photo/scan by Tim Darnell

Compartment H in WANTAGH. Car in storage at Montauk Yard on 2/29/1976.
Photo by Ed Frye. Scan by Jack Deasy.

Updated 9/02/2008